Mindfulness – The key to Wedding Day peace of mind

Posted in News on 17th July 2020

When you consider it’s probably the biggest day of your life, one where you’re the centre of
attention for friends, family and of course the person you’re about to marry, having a few
nerves on your wedding day are perfectly normal.

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However because our expectations are sometimes set so high, couples can often get quite stressed and anxious while planning their big day. It’s unfortunate because if there’s one thing you really don’t want to be on your wedding day, it’s anxious or stressed. But with a million decisions to make, and family dynamics to contend with, remember that remaining completely calm is nearly impossible too. So your goal should be to try and keep stress to a minimum, and one simple way to do this is by employing a little mindfulness.

Mindfulness isn’t a new concept; it’s been around for centuries. It’s a mental process that helps us focus on what’s happening here and now, rather than worrying about things outside our control. It allows us to be aware of our thoughts and feelings, so we don’t become overwhelmed by them.

As well as reducing stress, having a mindful approach to wedding planning can bring you
both closer together as your big day approaches. So we believe couples should try to
practice the following mindfulness tips to take care of themselves while planning their

Here’s how to make your wedding a little more mindful…

Stay in the present
The here and now is the only time we can affect change in our lives and staying present
means fewer autopilot responses.

Keep some perspective
When planning a wedding it’s easy to let the small things, like guest lists, seating plans and
unsolicited opinions get on top of you. So if something’s bothering you, keep in mind that
you are gathering to celebrate your shared love. The world isn’t going to end because
someone is at the wrong table.

Remember what’s real
With so much going on and so many decisions to make, your mind can begin to play tricks
on you. Recognize that thoughts are simply thoughts; you don’t need to believe them or
react to them. Doing this can help you preserve your energy for what’s really happening.

Slow Down
Don’t feel that you need to fill up all your time with doing. Take some time to simply
breathe and enjoy the moment. Times, when we’re all together, are very rare, so if you don’t
take time to enjoy them you may miss out.

Be Open
The more you share your expectations for your big day, the more likely your wedding will
align with your vision and limit the potential for disappointment.

Let others sweat the small stuff like setting up the decorations, flower arrangements and
answer calls from lost guests. This allows you to be a guest at your own wedding.

Be Grateful
When planning a wedding, it’s easy to focus on the things that are going wrong. But by
being grateful for the good things that we have, like having someone we love and loves us
back, not only makes us happier it reduces stress and increases life satisfaction.

At the elbowroom escape, we have seen an increased number of wedding inquires recently, with couples
drawn here by our sustainable and stress-free setup. And if a stress-free wedding is
something you’re hoping for, you’ll be delighted to hear the elbowroom escape also offers its own
wedding planning service, able to organise and advise on everything you need to make your
special day exactly as you had always dreamed it would be.

Check out our wedding page for more information about what we have to offer you on your big day. Book a pre-wedding stay to explore our venue, discuss menus or want to ask any of the questions you may have and subsequently book your wedding with us we will refund your stay.

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