Want to know what to lug up The Lug? Here’s our kit list for your big hike up Lugnaquilla

With  Lugnaquilla literally in the back garden, Wicklow’s highest mountain – here’s our kit list on what to pack …

Lugnaquilla, or ‘the Lug’ as locals like to call it, is a gentle mountain with a mean streak. Although Ireland’s highest mountain outside of Kerry (and just 113m lower than Carrantuohill, Ireland’s highest), it is gentle because of its wide, wide openness. Yet it is also mean, as with such openness comes the full force of the elements. Add to this, a lack of signposting to its plateau shaped summit, and, well, you get the picture…

An Expert guide from Wicklow Mountain Rescue

If you are joining our big hike, you will be led by an expert mountain guide from Wicklow Mountain Rescue, so no need to worry about signposting.

Our guide will bring all the safety and navigation equipment required too, not to mention food and snacks, hence such items missing from this list.

But, should you be planning an independent hike up The Lug, we recommend you add to the kit list below: map, compass, flashlight, emergency shelter, first aid kit, whistle and a trowel and biodegradable toilet paper (be more feline in your ablution routines is a mountain mantra in these parts you know).

Your kit list for your big hike up Lugnaquilla

If you’re joining us on our big hike up Lugnaquilla, here’s your vital kit list.

  1. Waterproofs – as mentioned, part of the Lug’s beauty is its wide-open wilderness. As well as stunning views and an indescribable sense of freedom, this brings with it all that Ireland’s weather has to offer. So, with little opportunity to take cover, make sure you bring suitable waterproof (not showerproof) clothing.
  2. Lightweight, quick-drying clothes – for the same reason, it is sensible to wear lightweight quick-drying clothes. The joy of the Irish weather is that the sun and wind can do wonders at drying you out if you’re wearing the right kit. And, believe us, you’ll feel really peed off should you be bogged down in woollen wetness whilst fellow hikers float ahead, freed from such drudgery by their superior choice of garments.
  3. Comfortable walking boots – no brainer this one – so we’ll just park it right there.
  4. Non-plastic water bottle – another no brainer. There’s plenty of fresh spring water on route to keep you hydrated, something we’ve written about the importance of before..
  5. Swimmers – when you return to the luxury of the elbowroom escape – it would be silly not to soak beneath the Wicklow starts in our wood-burning hot tub, would it not?

Next week, we’ll share the low down on The Lug, exploding a few myths and, who knows, maybe even seeding a few new ones. Until then, “an dtiocfadh an bóthar suas chun bualadh leat…”


lisa wilkinson

lisa wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson left a successful career in the corporate world 20 years ago to retrain as a yoga teacher and went on to set up The elbowroom, a well-being hub, in the city of Dublin in 2003. Spurred on by its success, she bought and renovated a mountain lodge in Wicklow, launching it as a retreat venue in 2016, The elbowroom escape. Having directly experienced the impact of a less than ideal work life blend herself, Lisa is passionate about delivering health and happiness in the workplace. Witnessing how doing so has reduced the attrition rate within her own companies, she now offers her expertise to other companies and business owners and is a regular speaker and workshop facilitator on corporate well-being and resilience for organisations including Ibec and Dublin City fm.

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