7 fascinating facts about Lugnaquilla

Posted in News on 5th January 2020

We thought you might enjoy learning seven fascinating facts about Lugnaquilla. From its geological credentials to the origin of its name and its place in legend, here’s the low down …

7 fascinating facts about Lugnaquilla

  1. Lugnaquilla (aka ‘The Lug’) is the highest mountain in Wicklow. It is also the 13th highest in Ireland.
  2. At 925 metres (3,035 feet) high, Lugnaquilla is just 113 metres lower than  Carrantuohill, Ireland’s highest mountain.
  3. On a clear day, views from Lugnaquilla extend across the Irish Sea to the hills of the Llŷn Peninsula and the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales.
  4. The claim that Lugnaquilla is named after Lu or Lugh, the great god of light who led the De Danaans at the battle of Moytura, is unlikely to be true. The place-names of upland areas of south Wicklow typically derive from local topographical features and family names. Thus Lugnaquilla almost certainly derives from “log na coille”, meaning “the hollow of the wood”. The “hollow” may refer to the precipitous hollows of the north or south prisons or to a place called Crossrahnyeen Hollow, near the Ow River, which flows off Lug (see Liam Price’s Place-names of Wicklow, Parts 2 and 3).
  5. One route to Lugnaquilla is from Glenamulure, a glacial valley to the mountain’s north. It is the longest of its kind in Ireland and Britain.
  6. Irish rebel Michael Dwyer hid out from the British on Lugnaquilla in the years after the 1798 rebellion. It’s easy to see why – the nearest sign of civilisation, the townland of Aghavannagh, is known to locals as “the last place God made”.
  7. Folklore says that Avoca’s famous Mottee Stone was the hurling ball of the great Fionn Mac Cumhaill, who hit it from the top of Lugnaquilla Mountain. Its true origin, however, can be traced back to the Ice Age. The stone is a glacial erratic, which was plucked from its home granite bedrock by a glacier over 10,000 years ago. It is about 13km from the nearest likely granite source in Glenmalure. Iron rungs now run up it, acting as a ladder. Apparently a rich landlord got some miners of Avoca to put them there so his wife-to-be could climb up and have a look at the size of his estate!

Your host for our big hike up Lugnaquilla

Surveying the size of her estate is something you are never likely to see our founder, Lisa Wilkinson doing. However, the chances of her hiking up Lugnaquilla with you during any big hike break is high. With her, she’ll lug your locally sourced wholesome lunches,. And our expert guide from Wicklow Mountain Rescue will bring just about everything else you might need.

Your vital kit list for our big hike up Lugnaquilla

Read our previous blog to find out what to bring with you to our big hike event.

What to expect from your big hike up Lugnaquilla

Awaiting for you upon your return will be a roaring log fire, a veritable BBQ feast, a hot tub and an overbrimming bar. Not to mention further truths, untruths and banter about the Glen of Imaal…






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