Yoga Immersion Mini-break with Bev Porrino

Reward yourself with a wonderful weekend of yoga and meditation with The elbowroom’s Bev Porrino. Bev is one of Ireland’s most experienced teachers with over three decades of knowledge to share. This weekend will take you on a deeper journey into your physical practice, meditation and self enquiry.

The retreat begins on Friday evening from 5.00 pm after introductions and orientation we will have a delicious supper in our larch cabin followed by a workshop on how to relax – with a special focus on sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. You will learn why sleep has a huge influence on our ability to function and how it affects our whole neurology. Bev will share her favourite bedtime prep – Pyjama Pranayama. This breathing exercise will relax your entire system before she moves you into a Yoga Nidra, before you slip into what have been described as the most comfortable beds in the universe.

The weekend will be delivered in a class and workshop style. Each morning will start with Yoga and meditation both on the mat and walking in nature. There will also be an optional hike on Saturday afternoon followed by Hatha yoga and a soak in the hot tub. Finishing on Sunday with a beautiful practice and abundance mantra.

Event Details

  • Start Date: Friday 15th November 2019
  • End Date: Sunday 17th November 2019
  • Time: 17:00
  • Duration: 3 days/ 2 nights



17.00: Arrival. Find your beautiful rooms and explore the retreat.
19.00: Supper, chats and relax and unwind with new friends
20.30 – 21.45: Workshop – The science of breathing and relaxation, with a special focus on sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. followed by Pyjama Pranayama and a soothing Yoga Nidra to help you drift off to bed


8.00 – 9.30: Meditation followed by Bev’s beautiful Hatha flow class to connect your mind and body and welcome in the new day.
9.30 – 10.30: Breakfast
10.45 – 12.00: Mini workshop – Resilience Through the Mind and Body. Learn how the body adapts to stimulus and why we become unwell and injured.

12.00 – 13.30: Woodland Meditation Walk (Optional hike to the top of the West Wicklow Sugarloaf Mountain. -weather permitting)
14.00: Lunch followed by free time to relax, take a nap or catch up on that book you have been meaning to pick up!
16.30 – 17.45: Activate Your Asana – Using Bev’s signature Neuroactivation techniques you will learn how to quickly release your body from muscular tension and stress so that you can go deeper into your asana with strength and integrity. Finishing with mantra and pranayama before relaxing snuggled under blankets in front of the fire with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.
18.00 – 19.00: Free time
19.00 -20.00: Dinner
8.00: Free time. There will be a wood-burning hot tub at the forest edge for you to enjoy. Or you can relax in front of the fire, or meditate in your own rooms before bed.


09.30 – 11.00: Morning meditation and abundance mantra followed by Bev’s very own Activate Your Asana – focus on heart opening back bends.
11.00 – 12.00: Brunch
12.30 – 1.30: Sharing Circle and short meditation before we all head back home.

Activities and time-slots may vary.


This all-inclusive immersion weekend is only

€365 per person for a 2 person shared room (Early bird Offer – €350 if you book by 20th September)

€345 per person for a 4 person shared room (Early bird Offer – €330 if you book by 20th September)


Bev Porrino

My first experience of yoga was in the early 90's and falls somewhere between the realm of amusement and humiliation. I was about 25 years old, a runner and cyclist and like most of people, I initially went to yoga to become more flexible. As an athlete I was result driven and competitive and as yoga encompasses neither of these traits, I veritably suffered.

Back in those days Jane Fonda headbands and neon lycra were compulsory, and as a dedicated fashionista, my leggings clashed with the linen-clad yogi-hippies who remained oblivious to my pain as they quietly breathed and effortlessly stood on their heads. I'm glad I kept on going back because that little deviation from my norm eventually led to some amazing life changes and I became a teacher of yoga.

Going back a little further, I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1987 and some years later I was Operations Manager in a busy Social Work department. Yoga and fitness helped me to manage my stress. In the summer of 1999, a conversation over a pizza and a beer brought about an incredible life change that wasn't exactly planned.  I changed my career and moved to Amsterdam. I taught yoga and fitness classes, designed in-house training and education programmes for a chain of gyms and eventually went on to open Amstel Yoga Lounge.

In 2012, I relocated to Dublin. I'm a yoga teacher, a writer and a Be Activated -Neuromuscular Activation Practitioner and I truly love my work.

Be Strong Stretched & Activated Bx

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