Yinstinct Yoga Spring Retreat

For a whole weekend, nourished and warm, surrounded by peaceful beauty, you are invited to explore…you. Choose to simply relax, nourish, and come home to your self. Or if you seek to deepen your Yoga journey, this Yinstinct retreat offers both.

With her 15 years of experience in teaching, Niamh will use the wonderful resources of Yoga, it’s practices and philosophies, to give you a safe structure upon which to base your own explorations. With her passion for freedom of expression in our life’s dance, you will be helped to honour your instinct, your own body’s wisdom, leading you to a Yoga that is as kind (Yin), sensual, playful, strong, expressive, or traditional as best serves your journey on this planet.

With a light approach, we will be balancing traditional Yoga, with up-to-date research in anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement, and the reasonable expectations of what a body which has lived YOUR life can, and wants to do.

Currently, we are in an exciting phase, as an evolutionary surge in the way Yoga is perceived, taught, and practiced is stirring. With its popularity and varied benefits, come gifts and challenges.  As Yoga is often used now “just” for physical healing, or “just” for relief from stresses, we teachers must take care of those millions who come to Yoga for myriad reasons. Niamh will hold you safe, offering Yoga that suits you. She will nurture you; simply, into greater ease in body and mind; or onward, into a deep intimate inquiry, instinctual understanding, and compassionate response to your magnificent self.

Event Details

  • Start Date: Friday 26th April 2019
  • End Date: Sunday 28th April 2019
  • Time: 17:00
  • Duration: 3 Days



5-6.30pm Arrive and settle
6.30pm Welcome circle

7-8pm Dinner
8.30-10pm Gentle, Yin-style Yoga and Meditation


8.15-9.15am Walking/moving Meditation (optional)
9.30-10.30am Breakfast
11.30-1.30pm Yoga

1.30-2.30pm Lunch
2.30-7pm Free time!
Hot tub, hike, read, sleep, chat, massage (book in advance, not included in price)

7-8pm Dinner
8.30-10pm Yin-style/ Restorative Yoga
10pm Hot tub should still be hot for a starlight soak.


9-10am Walking/moving Meditation (optional)
10-11am Brunch
11.15-1pm Yoga and farewell.

1.15pm Checkout

What's Included


– Cosy accommodation for 2 nights
– Delicious dinner on arrival, Saturday meals, and a big Sunday Brunch, hot drinks
– All Yoga classes
– Guided walking meditations
– Hot tub on Saturday
– All Yoga equipment


Suitable for weekly Yogis, regular practitioners, and teachers, you are welcome to use this weekend exactly as you need. You can dive into deep self-inquiry, come on every guided session, or choose to keep it light, sleep-in and just be with your self.

Niamh’s goal is to help you trust your intelligence, instinct, joy, and skills, to create a Yoga practice that uses and honours the best of what Yoga offers but is uniquely your own.

As a part-time practitioner: you can return home deeply nourished, and no longer intimidated by “I don’t know what to do” when you approach your mat at home. As a long-term practitioner or teacher, return with a newly invigorated sense of what your practice can be, and maybe some radical new thoughts to tease apart!

Without wishing to restrict anyone’s practice, Niamh knows that Yoga can harm as well as heal, both physically and emotionally. Her offering is centred around self-knowledge and intuition. She seeks to strip away the mystique and wow-factor of some of the “advanced” practices, and expose Yoga’s achievable gifts


Early bird

Twin room (up to 2 people) €360pp
Shared room (up to 4 people) €340pp
Pay in full before February 28th

After Early Bird

Twin room (up to 2 people) €380pp
Shared room (up to 4 people) €360pp

To Book please contact Niamh directly on – niamhdaly55@gmail.com


Niamh Daly

Niamh has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 15 years (Yin Yoga for 7 years, making her one of Ireland’s most experienced teachers in that style). Her passion lies in making Yoga accessible, safe, useful and achievable for all.

After many years of striving (and believing, despite warnings from her body, that to be “good” at Yoga she should be pushing towards the “advanced” postures), she found that she was doubting the wisdom of her habitual Yoga practice.  So, with a joy found in Yin Yoga, embodiment dance meditation, and the softening that came with menopause, she began to explore… Out of this came Yinstinct Yoga, a unique practice that flows from intimate attention and response to our body’s calling.

As each of us is the greatest guru of our own body, nothing gives Niamh a greater sense of achievement than to see her students (albeit with a basis of Yoga as a safe starting point, and rich resource) in completely different energies and shapes from mat to mat, and class to class.

Niamh trained in India (Sivananda), and with Marlene Ffrench-Mullen (one-year mentorship), and Sarah Lo, and has been deeply influenced by workshops with Donna Farhi, David Mooney, and in 5Rhythms. She is also a Thai Massage therapist and actor.


Booking Enquiry

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