Return to your Core – Autumn Retreat with Cara

Join Cara on this ‘Return to your Core’ retreat in early Autumn, a time full of transition. It is evident everywhere around us. Many trees and shrubs are quietly undressing in preparation for the winter. There is a subtle browning of the earth. Temperatures, which, just a few weeks ago were raging with the intense heat of summer, are beginning to hint at the telltale crispness of autumn. And there is the wind: slowly gathering strength, carrying the tides of winter on its breath.

The autumn harbors a certain emptiness that can leave us feeling exposed and a little raw, but it is also filled with possibility—a time when we, too, can strip down to a quiet essence of being and savor the simplicity and more importantly, returning to our centre, to the essence of who we are. The fall brings with it a predominance of air element and prana (the vital breath, the subtle essence of life) is abundant in the atmosphere.

What better way to recenter than on this beautiful 2 night retreat with equally beautiful souls.

Event Details

  • Start Date: Friday 14th September 2018
  • End Date: Sunday 16th September 2018
  • Time: 16:00
  • Duration: 2 Nights


Friday Evening

4:00 PM –  Arrive & settle in
6:30 PM – Turning Inwards restorative yoga
8:00 PM – Dinner
9:30 PM – Yoga Nidra


8:00 AM Morning Meditation
8:30 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Yoga Flow to Recenter
12:30 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Guided Hike Loughnaquilla or Free Time & Treatments
6:30 PM Relax and Unwind Yin Yoga
8:00 PM Dinner
9:00 PM Hot Tub & Free Time
9:30/10:00 Yoga Nidra


8:30 AM Morning Meditation
9:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Loving Yourself Yoga Flow
12:30 PM Leaving Lunch
2:00 PM Departures

What's Included

Two nights in beautiful shared boutique style bedrooms

All meals throughout your stay – food is wholesome vegetarian cooking

All Yoga teachings and meditations,

Use of hot tub – Relax under the stars

Guided hike in the Wicklow Hills

Mats and yoga equipment are all provided.

Towels are provided for your use during your stay with us.

Extras (Not included in price)
Onsite massages are optional and also available at €70 per person, please book this in advance




I’ve been doing yoga classes with Cara for about a year now. I was a bit of a yoga sceptic to start off with. I am pretty active and love high intensity workouts – running, hockey, etc. so I wasn’t sure initially how much I would enjoy it. I also have a very active mind a busy demanding job, so the thoughts of taking 90 minutes out a week to stretch, breath and focus my mind all seemed a bit too “yogli” for me. Well, one year in and I have done a complete 360. My weekly yoga class with Cara is my number one priority each week. The classes have given me the skill set to remain calm in times of stress. My mood, stress levels and demeanour have all improved and tangibly so. I come away from each class grounded, level set and ready to take on the next week. I have been to a few different yoga teachers and maybe my experience with them is why I was a bit sceptical when starting with Cara. But Cara is different from any of the teachers I have gone to and so are her classes. She is professional, knowledgeable, encouraging, reliable and safe. She plans her classes and guides you through them seamlessly. I cannot recommend Cara highly enough and I am excited to see where she brings this new adventure.

~ Susan Prendiville, 31, client


I had always tipped in and out of yoga, teachers would talk about “flat abs” or “toned arms” and yeah it was fine but I never stuck at it because I just wasn’t getting anything out of it really. Cara told me she was starting to teach classes and I was at a time in my life where I wanted to invest in my health and my body. I had just turned 30 and while I swam and walked and played hockey before I had never just sat with my body, except to scrutinise it in the mirror. I started in January 2016 and the first few classes were tough, there was nowhere to hide, my mind would race with thoughts because I’d slowed down for the first time that day but I kept coming to class. Then remarkable stuff started happening, without any mental effort. This deep, deep respect for my body started to emerge. Once at the end of class, curled up in fetal position and hugging my legs to my chest, I cried with love, or having not loved, for my body. On the yoga mat with Cara as my guide I found what I’d been searching for for years, love, my love for me and my body and all it took was to keep showing up, get into poses and engage with my body. Yoga creates mindless miracles. As I said I’d gone to various classes before but never did I get that deep satisfaction feeling I got from Cara’s classes. She’s a magician, with her herbal tea that she greets you with, her smouldering incense, her gentle hands for your lavender oil massage at the end of class and even the soft candle light in the room. I started telling friends about her and they too joined, and stayed in her class – word of mouth stuck.I’m now a devoted yogi for life thanks to Cara and the difference it’s made in my life. She’s a mindless miracle worker.

~ Joyce Fegan, Journalist


I had tried quite a few different yoga classes and teachers in the past but nothing really stuck – I just couldn’t understand the hype….  Things changed when I started going to Cara’s classes back in 2009.  She inspired in me such a love of yoga that I never expected and that would take me to so many amazing places in Ireland and around the world.   She is just an amazing teacher.  Her teaching style is so natural and she shows incredible empathy towards each and every one of her students.  She also manages to strike just the right balance just right between the mental and physical sides of yoga leaving you floating on air and feeling amazing after her classes.  Would highly recommend!

~ Louise Barrett


I absolutely love attending Cara’s regular classes, and also find her yoga retreats fantastic. Cara is excellent at connecting with people and has a uniquely personable, genuine and honest approach to her classes which I find extremely refreshing. Her classes provide an excellent balance between the physical, technical and spiritual elements of yoga, but are also inclusive, relaxing, honest and fun! A great teacher with her own very unique style and approach. I would strongly recommend Yoga with Cara.

~ Martha Flynn, Engineer


Having struggled for as long as I can remember with a serious case of body hate and a side order of loathing for movement that wasn’t excruciatingly taxing on my body and unless whatever I was doing had a screen in front of me telling me how many calories I’d burned, yoga with Cara has brought a whole new and well-rounded meaning to exercise for me in recent months. Before I basically only believed in anything that focused completely on my weight – a place that I used to house all my self-worth. Yet the more I lost the less worth I felt in the end.

After years of inner struggles and a sheer inability to cope with life in any consistent way, I’ve embarked on a journey that some might call, self-discovery, and I’ve since come to love and adore my classes with Cara as a result or perhaps more aptly, I’ve come to love my journey as a result of Cara and my life-changing yoga classes with her. I do both private one-to-ones with her and Wednesday nights by candlelight in the company of some of her other beautiful clients and it’s safe to say that since starting I have found an inner peace that carries me through each day and one that I simply do not know how to put into words. Some classes boost your energy and some bring a beautiful calm within that upon leaving I drive home feeling serene, quiet and confidently withdrawn from the hustle bustle of every day life. It’s lovely too because as someone who is always on the go, I like to feel too that I’ve been using my body and not just laying there and Cara marries the physical, mental and spiritual sides of yoga so perfectly; lovingly teaching and guiding and never preaching. She is clearly living everything she shares which always gives me a deeper appreciation and trust in my new practice too.

People think its great that I’m super flexible and it is – getting into poses comes so naturally to me but I know the dangers of hyper-mobility and with Cara I feel so safe and taken care as she is so aware of the strength needed to support that level of flexibility. Often taking me out of poses due to hyper-extension, Cara lovingly knows and guides me through each pose with a conviction that brings about a feeling of safety and calm – her attention to each client in any given class is sterling and the loving little details she brings to each class, candles, atmospheric lighting, cosy blankets and delicious Chai tea and chats at the beginning of class, make me wish I could live in the Seomra and practice with her every single day!

~ Rebecca O’Byrne, 27, Blogger


Investment for the weekend:

Twin Room: €400 per person sharing (up to 2 people)

Shared Room: €385 per person sharing (up to 4 people)

Please contact Cara to book: or call 0868536568

For further details about Cara, please visit or yoga with cara on facebook and yogawitcara on Instagram.

Spaces are limited!


Cara Sothern

Cara has been teaching yoga for eight years and embraces the ancient practice of yoga both on and off the mat. Her classes involve "breath-synchronized movement," offering sequences of poses that will move students through the power of inhaling and exhaling. She loves to teach a dynamic flowing style of yoga class but also deep restoratives and yin to maintain mind/body balancing principles.   Her classes are a balance of both physical and restorative but more importantly of fun!

Her teaching style has been influenced by varying schools of thought, particularly the heart opening practice of Anusara, through study with many inspiring teachers including Lois Nesbitt, Mark Holzman, Deb Neubauer, Sianna Sherman, Ross Rayburn, Bridget Woods Kramer, Deseriee Rumbagh, Betsey Downing, Melissa Curtis, Josh Summers and John Friend.

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