Mothers Day Wellness Escape

A day of restoration for the women who deserve it most.

Join Daniella and Natasha in this warm, welcoming space far from the stresses of day-to-day life for a healing half-day retreat, filled with a profoundly powerful blend of self-care tools. Including

  • a refreshing forest bathing hike through the beautiful Wicklow Mountains,
  • medicinal cacao straight from the source in Guatemala,
  • deeply unravelling breath-work,
  • restorative Yin practice,
  • sound healing meditation
  • and wonderful conversations with like-minded people over a nutritious, organic spread.

Created to reset, restore and recharge on every level – mind, body and spirit

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Investment €75

What is cacao

Warm drinking chocolate straight from the jungle rainforests of Guatemala, in it’s rawest form cacao, is a medicinal plant that assists us in opening our heart, dissolving the layers that keep us from living with love. The spirit, energy and chemical compounds of raw cacao alchemise within our system, guiding us home to ourselves – to what it is we need to see – gently showing us the door yet allowing us to choose if we want to explore. When we are at home in our bodies, with a regulated nervous system, we can deepen into our meditation and yoga experience allowing us to enter states of clarity, bliss and relaxation generally outside of our conscious experience.

What is Yin

Practised in our warm, welcoming, candle-lit space, Yin is a deeply restorative and relaxing style of yoga, accessible to seasoned or new yogis alike. Its practice is much slower and more passive than a typical flow class. Postures are held comfortably with props for 3 – 5 minutes. It is an amazing aid for the deep release of muscle tension and for the surfacing of emotion held within our bodies for far too long, creating new space for healing and vitality.

Frequently asked questions

What should I bring to the event?
Yoga mats, props and everything else will be provided. All you need to bring is some bottled water. Please wear suitable shoes for hiking and comfortable clothes as we will be moving and stretching throughout the workshop.

Do I need to prepare for the workshop?

No, this workshop is accessible for all fitness/yoga levels – complete beginners to seasoned adventurers/yogis. We welcome all like-minded people to join us in this light-hearted, open-minded, kind setting. If you wish to experience more peace, bliss, connection or community, then this workshop is for YOU.

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Event Details

  • Start Date: Sunday 22nd March 2020
  • Time: 14:00 - 18:00


Schedule for the workshop:

  • Welcome and registration
  • Forest bathing hike through the stunning Wicklow Mountains
  • Ceremonial grade cacao shared in a guided ceremony
  • Pranayma breath-work specifically for nervous system regulation
  • Guided Yin yoga practice with pentacle emotional release
  • Sound frequency meditation
  • Vegan, GF and organic dinner for grounding
  • Questions and closing the workshop



Daniella is a registered yoga and meditation teacher, certified in nutritional science and lifestyle medicine. She is also a trainee psychotherapist working closely with The Stress Management Institute of Ireland. She has travelled to 84 countries around the world, living in Mexico and Bali, devouring a wide variety of holistic wellness practices as she roamed - Qi Gong, ayurvedic medicine and vipassana meditation to name a few. Daniella is extremely passionate about nervous system regulation and the practices that empower people to activate that much-needed relaxation response.


Natasha facilitates cacao as a vibrational medicine and holds a welcoming nurturing space for all humans through all terrains. She is a passionate doula, a representative for doTERRA oils and a wild, free-thinking, earth loving mother of three. Natasha is infatuated with all things health, wellbeing and delving deep. An advocate for woman's innate power, she is here to thrive rather than survive.


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