Fierce Embodiment – Choosing Self-Respect with Marcela Widrig

At some level, we know that the choices we make in life and how much respect we give ourselves, are deeply connected to our sense of self-worth.

When we choose to respect ourselves and move from there, it means we are deeply listening to what we want and don’t want. We are choosing a life that aligns with our wishes and expresses our hearts. We are choosing solid friendships and deep, honest love.

When we repeatedly deny the value of what we want and need in our lives, and instead put the expectations, needs and demands of others above our own, we can feel overwhelmed, stressed and undervalued. We know we are not taking care of ourselves, and are putting ourselves down in the process, but the option to do otherwise can feel too difficult, emotionally-charged, and even dangerous. We’ve been trained to agree, compromise, and take care of everyone else first. Over time, this wears away at us and can leave us feeling full of frustration, and yet somehow empty.

During the weekend, you’ll learn to listen to and connect to that deeper knowing you hold inside of you. You’ll recognize that there is a choice there, and each time you choose self-respect, you touch your dignity and self-worth.

This weekend will be full of movement and embodiment practices, nourishing food and restful surroundings.

Event Details

  • Start Date: Friday 5th October 2018
  • End Date: Sunday 7th October 2018
  • Time: 17:00
  • Duration: 2 Nights 3 Days


Friday evening

5pm – 6:30pm             Opening Circle
6:30-8:00pm                Embodied Movement practice
8:30pm                           Dinner


8:00am – 9:00am      Breakfast
9:30am – 1:00pm       Embodiment and Movement practices, Writing,  Group Discussion
1:00pm – 3:30pm       Lunch and Free time
3:30pm – 7:30pm       Embodiment and Movement practices, Writing,  Group Discussion
7:30pm – 8:30pm       Dinner


8:30am – 10:30am      Final Embodied Movement practice and Closing
11:00-12:00am             Brunch
12:00am                         Goodbyes

What's Included

All classes and workshops full of movement, embodiment practices and discussions.

Nourishing  vegetarian meals from Friday evening through Sunday morning

2-nights stay in luxury boutique accommodation


Is this for you?

– You rarely take time out for yourself, freely and without guilt, but somehow you know that that’s the point, and what you’re longing for is a greater sense of self-worth and respect.
– You have a deep wish to connect to that deeper knowing and leave the doubt and self-judgement behind.
– You love to move and learn through your body.
– You love your family, profession and dreams enough, and you know how much more you could bring to them when you come from a place of self-respect and worthiness.
– You have big dreams for your professional life and know there’s no way to grow without this piece.
– You wish to make real and lasting changes in your personal life, but have lacked the strength to back yourself up.
– You want a richer and freer life


Early bird: USD $395  (€340 euros) Offer valid until 5th Sep, 2018

Regular: USD $445 (€380 euros)

All prices are based on shared rooms

How to book onto your weekend:



Marcela Widrig

Marcela Widrig, founder of Fierce Embodiment, teaches men and women to release old beliefs, hurts, fears and the restrictive way they are held in their bodies today.

She trained extensively with the Grinberg Method® for over 18 years, after getting her hands-on start in therapeutic massage and shiatsu, and furthered her professional development with the Grinberg Method’s Movement training, Body-mind Centering®, Embodied Flow™ yoga and Motion Theatre®.

She is based in Los Angeles, CA and teaches workshops in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy and United Kingdom.

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